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Fermentable carbohydrates, also known as Fod-Maps are notorious for triggering digestive problems such as bloating, gas and stomach pains. These symptoms are particularly amplified for those suffering from IBS. Enjoy our Low-Fod map as a flavoursome snack to accompany any Low-fod map diet plan.
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Enjoy our 100% plant-based, nutritional samosas, bhajis and curries as meals. We have a wide range of selections to choose from - accompany your curry with our no nutty rice, or spice it up with one of our flavoursome samosa’s or bhaji’s.
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Our hand-crafted range of 100% plant-based samosas are made with our gourmet blend of high quality ingredients. We have something for every tastebud - ranging from our spicy’licious samosa for the spice lovers, or our choco’licious samosa for those who enjoy the sweeter things in life. All of our samosas are wrapped a deliciously crispy gluten free pastry.
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For a tasty healthy treat, we have just the thing with our delicious samosas and bhajis. You can also find our own culinary innovations such as our Pizza’licious Samosa inspired by Italian and North Indian cuisine!
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Our twist on everyone's favourite North Indian treat. This flavoursome snack is both tender and crisp and arrives ready to be baked. Our bhaji’s are infused with our authentic blend of spices, and we have a bhaji for every spice level!
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Some more little treats...

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