Becki, ‘Diagnosed Coeliac in Summer 2013 mean’t I was not able to eat some of my favourite foods…including Indian starters and snacks!!’ Not any more!!

I was diagnosed as Coeliac in the summer of 2013 and since then eating out has always carried the risk of eating contaminated food and I haven’t been able to eat some of my favourite foods…including Indian starters and snacks!!


I came across the Green Sisters at a Coeliac UK food fair in Sutton Coldfield in 2016 and I was lucky enough to buy some of their Samosas (there was a very long queue). I had never seen gluten free Samosas before and I must say that I wasn’t disappointed, they were delicious.


Since trying the Samosas, I have ordered the Green Sister’s gluten free Indian snacks to be delivered to my house so that when eating curry with friends and family I am no longer left out when it comes to having starters.


All Coeliac’s all know the feeling of being sat at the table watching others eat foods that we are unable to and feeling left out; and this is no longer the case when eating Indian food 


I have also tried their frozen selection box and they are just as tasty as the fresh Samosas (the Pakoras are fantastic!). They were certainly didn’t last long, I ate them all within a week!


My friend, Nish, is getting married this summer and she has several guests who are Coeliac. Nish didn’t want her Coeliac guests to be left out, watching other guests eating food they were unable to. So, I recommended that she checked out the Green Sisters and now they are providing catering at the wedding. It will be fantastic to not be left out I am totally looking forward a wonderful day.