Free From Compromise Waste

100% recyclable packaging and meat free products

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We have put a significant emphasis on having responsible packaging and if you receive our retail packaging it’ll be fully recyclable and fit for oven use. If you pop along to the cafe, or order from us online, you’ll have our compostable trays, so you can be assured that, whether compostable or recyclable, you’ll be eating feel-good, 14 allergen-free food from eco-friendly and eco-responsible containers. We invested in a machine to seal these composable trays.

In terms of delivery packing, we use brown boxes with recycled denim liner made to insulate and cushion the precious goods.


Cellulose Freezer bags

Now, we all know that it’s easy enough to swap your plastic forks for wooden ones, but it’s an entirely different ball park to eliminate plastic from food storage. However, we have battled the monster and emerged victorious. Green Sisters uses cellulose freezer bags which takes us a step further in the direction of progress and sustainability and another step closer to the needs of the people.

Meat Free

We ensure that all of our food is completely meat free. It’s not even allowed on the premises, as not to contaminate the food and contribute to climate change.


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