Spanish Inspired Gluten-free & Vegan Eggless Omelette

Starting as we mean to go on and it’s fabulous Friday! A kick start to the weekend without compromising on a good source of protein and flavour was called for, followed by a lovely glass of freshly squeezed orange juice to make way for some all important vitamin C. I feel very prepared for the day and weekend ahead with this wonderful beginning.

The Spanish do it well and it’s so very much inspired me. Who said without eggs was compromising, I can promise you not. Plenty of flavour from pepper and herbs, added to a batter of ground gram flour mixed in with water, onions and lightly fried on a hot griddle pan with a little oil. Turned when golden and then lightly oiled on both sides.
vegan omelette cooked
Absolutely delightful, served with a side of your choice. I prefer yoghurt and tomatoes, where vegans can choose a milk free vegan yoghurt or simply a light salad!