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Coriander Chutney

  Mild spiced 250g


Extra Spicy’Licious

Our most spicy samosa yet! A crisp protein based pastry filled with scotch bonnet & finger…

£2.00 – £6.00

Chickpea Curry

Our curries are perfect to accompany samosas and bhajis. They may be eaten on their own, with rice…


Red Lentil Curry

Our curries are perfect to accompany samosas and bhajis, or eaten on their own with rice.    Medium…


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Appl'Licious£2.00 – £6.00
chocolicious-listingChoco'Licious£2.00 – £6.00
lowfodlicious-listingLow Fod’Licious£2.00 – £6.00
Spicy’Licious£2.00 – £6.00
pizzalicious-1-iconPizza’Licious£2.00 – £6.00
Veggie’Licious£2.00 – £6.00
Samosa’Licious£2.00 – £6.00

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Making our way through the country, one samosa at a time

Green Sisters proudly cater for corporate events and parties - please contact us for enquiries with as much detail as possible.

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