Low-Salt Diets

Sodium helps your body control many functions. For most people, dietary sodium comes from salt that is in or added to their food.

Too much sodium in your diet can be bad for you and may put you at risk of high blood pressure or heart disease and stroke. 

If you have high blood pressure or heart failure, you will likely be asked to limit how much salt you eat every day.

Our natural recipe style is to work with culinary flavours added to food using salt alternatives, such as herbs and spices, to produce nutritiously tasty food to be enjoyed together without the excess need for salt.

We recognise that you may appreciate some tips on how to be similarly conscious, when cooking or buying food, so you may find these tips helpful to you.

Tips for lowering salt in food without compromising on flavour:

  • Taste your food first, before adding salt
  • Gradually reduce the salt in your food, your palate will adjust to the reduced levels
  • Shop for lower salt food or better still, cook for yourself, controlling the levels of salt added to your meal
  • Check labels when you are shopping and don’t be tricked into assuming the salt levels of a product are low. It is amazing how much salt can be found in pre-prepared foods
  • Substitute salt for other seasoning, such as black pepper. Also adding other flavour via herbs can also reduce the need for additional seasoning with salt
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with herbs & spices, like cumin, coriander, ginger, garlic. Each contribute a different enticing flavour dimension and can be especially tasty.

We have used many of these techniques in our recipes, which have been developed over time and with a real passion for enjoyable flavoursome food, not compromising on all important taste!