At Green Sisters we take a lot of pride in being green in name, lifestyle and in our green packaging. The packaging we use for our products is 100% bio-degradable!

Our cardboard sleeves, made from recycled materials, are vegetable ink printed and recyclable, covering a compostable tray with a cellulose sleeve, which could then be directly disposed in a compostable heap without contributing to any harmful greenhouse gases.

Our outer packaging is a recycled denim liner box for insulation. Ideally these can be sent back to us (provided with your address) so we can reuse and positively influence carbon economy. 

We also provide ice packs with our delivered products which, rather than discarding, can be reused for storing food.

We have taken time to finish using supplies of other single use plastics to try and migrate as fast as possible to the most sustainable economy possible.

What’s more is that we plant trees to reduce our carbon footprint!


To learn more about our aim to becoming more sustainable or to find out how you can do the same, click the link below to find out more:

Creating Tomorrow’s Forests

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