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Order your favourite range of Samosas now for delivery in UK Mainland (frozen and ready to bake, air or deep fry) so you can indulge whenever you feel tempted! We also cater for parties & events – email to find out more

To place an order for your supply of artisan hand made frozen samosas to bake or fry or air fry


  1. Decide on the flavours and amount you would like to try
  2. Send us an email  let us know what you’ve chosen, where to deliver to and when you would like the order to reach you by
  3. We will email you confirmation of receipt of your order – You can make payment via your preferred method
  4. Once processed will send you confirmation of your order being placed and dispatched
  5. Wait eagerly for your delivery

Please note products will arrive frozen so that you can bake, air fry or deep fry to your hearts desire. We deliver to mainland UK only and a delivery charge of £9.95 will apply).

We CURRENTLY have the following flavours to choose from:

  • Samosa’Licious – Original (Mild Potato & Pea)
  • Spicy’Licious – Hot (Chilli Potato & Pea)
  • Veggie’Licious – Vegetable (Medium Spiced, Mixed Vegetable & Potato)
  • Extra Spicy’Licious – Extra Hot (Scotch bonnet & finger chilli Pea & Potato)
  • Spring leek & sweetcorn 
  • Appl’Licious – Baked Apple & Cinnamon
  • Protein’Licious – Spiced Soya & Pea (Allergen information -Contains Soya)
  • Choco’Licious – Vegan Chocolate Samosa (Allergen information – Contains Nuts)

Avoiding onions, garlic and mushrooms?  We are able to provide the  Veggie’Licious – Vegetable (Medium Spiced, Mixed Vegetable & Potato) & Spicy’Licious – Hot (Chilli Potato & Pea) without these ingredients

Samosas are available in bundles of 3 (for £6) or 5 (for £10)

Try our NEW Party pack (including 2x Vegetable Samosas, 2x Pakoras, 2x Aloo Tikkis) for ONLY £5!!

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 13.30.24

If you are inspired to try some of our delightful gluten-free hand-made samosas, please be in touch with us to make enquiries and place orders.


Phone: 07871796354

We believe in bringing our free from compromise samosa range to your doorstep. Whether you’re buying for family and friends to share and socialise with, or simply relishing these delightful bites yourself, we are happy to fulfil your requests. After all, sharing is part of the tradition!

Where possible, please place your order 7 days in advance so that we are able to fulfil your orders, and to avoid disappointment. Delivery charge may apply depending on location. Please also make us aware of any other allergies (aside from gluten) when making your enquiry. We will aim to accommodate, if possible.

If you would like to find out more about our upcoming events, future news, product developments and much more, then please don’t forget to follow our page and subscribe to our social media channels.

We would love to hear from you. Your comments and feedback are truly valued and help us to make the best possible experience for you in the future.

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  1. I run an allergy support group and found your page but without full ingredients lists none of our members can order. Am I missing it somewhere?


    1. Hi Lizzie,

      We are currently upgrading our site so you’re not able to see them as yet. I can send them to you directly, whilst we update the site over the coming days with this information.


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