Our Journey…


Green Sisters is about us; two sisters who are mad about food and love to share!

It all stems from our family values and culture – where food isn’t just about eating, it’s about sharing the experience too.

Along the way, we have been challenged by nature and genetics, to consider how we can bring the vital sharing culture to those who also have limited dining experiences.

We call it considered dining. It is part of our daily make-up.

You may ask yourself, what do we mean by ‘considered dining?’

Well, as the name suggests, it is dining that is considerate of a variety of dietary needs, whether a diet is being followed through choice or necessity.

Our mission is to help you to feel guided and good about the food you eat daily.  

To make it both easier and simpler for you and people you care about to find something enticing to eat, easy to reproduce, which you feel is safe and can be trusted, without compromise!

 You may be wondering, why 3 Free?

All of our food is free of 3 ingredients

  • Gluten
  • Meat Produce
  • Eggs

We are also conscious of other allergens and diets and so we are always looking for alternative ways to recreate those dishes we all love and would miss.

(If you ever have a burning desire to taste something in particular, i.e. without a specific allergen or perhaps upping the protein content, feel free to challenge us and we will be happy to get our Green hats on, and work on a fabulous recipe together for you!)

Nourish You To Fullness

So whether you like to know about the management of dietary needs or want to gain hints and tips on how to eat freely – most importantly not compromising on flavour – we want to help you along your way.

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Finally, If there is anything we have missed, we value our followers and its important to us that we hear from you.

Let us know your thoughts as we would love to take them on board to keep the site echoes what you would like to see, or would benefit from more of.

 Geeta &-02 Reena