Cooking for your Vegan or Non-Vegan Partner for Valentine’s Day

So after adopting a vegan diet for some time, you’ve decided it’s something you want to continue permanently, but your partner doesn’t feel the same. It can be tricky to find a balance in a relationship where partners adopt different diets, and with Valentine’s day around the corner, we thought it would be fitting to share to tips to make your life easier.


  • Cook meals that can be vegan or non-vegan.


Want to cook together? Having different diets in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to those precious moments like cooking together. You can find the right recipes that can easily be both vegan and non-vegan alike. You can have your non-vegan partner add their meat, fish, eggs or cheese separately from the main dish.


  • Find surprising foods that your partner might like.


There are many foods in the UK market that you may not have known are vegan. Did you know Oreos are in fact vegan? Take a look at our Instagram where we have picked out some of our favourite surprisingly vegan products.


  • Find restaurants that have things for both of you to enjoy.


Thinking of eating out this Valentine’s Day? There are plenty of restaurants that offer at least one vegan dish, with many now adopting a whole vegan range. Work together to find places which offer foods both of you will thoroughly enjoy! The benefits of this are that you’ll become closer in the process and end up exploring more restaurants than you would’ve before.


  • Be patient and communicate.


It can be tricky to date someone when your dietary choices are so different, but the key to success is being patient and communicating well. If they feel like you’re forcing them to adopt the vegan diet, or they’re not enjoying the vegan favoured restaurants, let them know! At the end of the day, its only food, and what’s more important to you is that you and your partner come together to make it work for both of you this Valentine’s Day!

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