Allergy & Free From Show 2021

As a newcomer to Green Sisters, this event was a brand new experience for me. I hadn’t been to an

event like the Allergy & Free From Show before so, as you might have guessed, I wasn’t sure what to

expect. Yet it pleasantly surprised me! To see that many people under one roof to support each

other, whether they were small businesses or show attendants, was quite the sight to see.

Although the event had started at 10am on the Saturday, the vast amount of people who were

crowding in excitement to try all the foods available was something I did not expect at that time of

day. But then again as people we always make efforts for food! It seems even 10 in the morning is a

good time for samosas and bhajis. It was an early start for the Green Sisters team, but the aroma of

fresh foods was more than enough to wake us up for the day.


Throughout the day, the queue of customers was more than enough to keep the team busy. I was

fortunate enough to go up and down the queue to ask survey questions to our customers while

getting to know everyone individually. I met some very fascinating and equally kind people which

made for it all to be an even more pleasant experience. Many of whom had long journeys to get to

the event. Whilst speaking to many people I noticed that most of our customers on the day were

actually coeliac. One thing I heard most from conversations with everybody was that many of the

attendees had not eaten a samosa in years and was amongst the foods they craved the most. Before

the event I hadn’t realised that allergen free samosas were so rare!


Since Saturday was so busy we ended up selling out of many products due to the shear demand for

our products. The Choco’licious Samosas were the first to sell out followed by the Spicy’licious and

Vegggie’licious Samosas. The Green Sisters products were such a hit that even our well stocked

stand practically sold out of everything by midday Sunday. Our meal deals were also a huge success

on both days, so much so that I could see people having taken their food and sharing it with their

friends and family. Fortunately enough this gave us a bit of legroom to enjoy the products that the

other exhibitors were selling and sampling. Unsurprisingly all of the other exhibitors were incredibly

welcoming and further highlighted to me that everyone who attended, both customers and

exhibitors, genuinely wanted to be there which only enhanced the enjoyable atmosphere of the

whole event.


To conclude my experience of this event, it was a genuine pleasure to attend the Allergy & Free

From Show at the NEC. It was informative, enlightening and not to mention all the food was good for

the soul! Whether you are Vegetarian, Vegan, Coeliac, a meat-eater, or if you have any allergies,

there is something for everyone. It is 100% true when people say that food brings people together.

The Allergy & Free From Show serves as a reminder that everyone can be included in the joy of


NEC Allergy & Free From Show

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