Coeliac Awareness!

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I’m going to start this blog off by stating that the topic that I will be discussing is not to be taken lightly, as there are thousands of people out there who are suffering, due to a lack of understanding and information!

Coeliac Disease

Let’s talk about Coeliac Disease and how we are absolutely disgusted by a recent misrepresentation of the illness. For those who may not know what coeliac disease is, it’s an illness where the body’s immune system attacks their own tissues anytime gluten is consumed. This can damage the gut, making it hard to take in the nutrients that the body needs. The only cure for a coeliac is to go on a gluten-free diet. This is why coeliac awareness is so important.

Natasha’s Law

This is a topic that we’ve never shyed away from, however, we as a team believe it’s time to go into a bit more detail about why comments such as “a little won’t hurt” are very dangerous to not just coeliacs but to anyone with an allergy.

Let’s use an example to expand on my point. Imagine a perfectly, healthy 15 year old girl going on holiday with her friend, something that should’ve been a joyful experience. Unfortunately, the young girl, went into a cardiac arrest on her way home; at an airport, because she took a bite out of sandwich that was not labelled correctly.

That 15 year old girl’s name was Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, she died 17/07/16 due to an allergic reaction from sesame seeds, something that could’ve easily been prevented if only the packaging stated the inclusions of those seeds.

Gratefully, Natasha’s Law, which states that all ingredients must be clearly stated on all food packaging, went into play on the 1st October 2021. We hope that this will now put an end to mislabeled products being sold anywhere.


BBC Saturday Kitchen Complaint

On an episode of BBC’s Saturday Kitchen (18/09/21), a presenter served one of the guest, (who had previously stated that they were a coeliac), a meal that contained gluten, followed up by a comment along the lines of “a little won’t hurt”. With Natasha’s unfortunate event in mind, it’s very important for people to understand that even just a little bit of gluten can be detrimental to coeliacs. As previously mentioned, comments like the ones made on the popular tv show, are in fact untrue and disgusting as they invalidate the actual importance of gluten-free diets.

An organisation called CoeliacUK wrote a beautifully written, open letter to the BBC to portray themselves as the voice for all coeliacs and people with allergies. Honestly, we couldn’t have said their message any better than they did. You can check out their open letter on their website here.

As one of our founders have previously said, when it comes to coeliacs and allergens in general, “there’s a huge knowledge gap” and this could not be any clearer than it is now, especially since this situation has risen. Over at Green Sisters, we will not stop playing our part in this community, where we provide both gluten-free and allergen friendly food as well as helping to educate others on the importance of this coeliac awareness.

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