Is organic food consumption just a trend?

We’re sure that you’ve heard or seen  the trend where people i.e. celebrities and popular influencers, ramble on about organic food. But have you ever wondered why it’s such a big deal and better yet what the actual advantages of eating organic foods are? Well fortunately, we have the answer as all Green Sisters products are made from organic ingredients.  Check out our plant-based products here! (after you’ve finished reading this article of course).

So what do we mean by ‘organic food’?

When we say that something is “organic”, we are referring to the item having been produced without the use of chemicals e.g. fertilizer, pesticides, artificial sweetener etc. The plants are produced through farming practices, where only natural substances are used to help the produce grow.

What are the advantages of eating organic food?

Aside from the fact that there’s been an increased demand for organic products over the past decade or so (to the point where it is now a trend to not only purchase organic food but also items such as makeup or skin care that have organic ingredients within), studies show that there are actually many benefits to eating organic meals or switching to an organic based diet. Such as:

  • Improved Health!

This is the most valuable benefit of consuming organically made foods. A lot of people make it a goal to be a lot healthier and so it comes to no surprise that one of the ways that they try to achieve this aspiration, is by switching to organically produced meals. Organic based food does not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals therefore no harm will be done to your body internally. Studies have shown that their higher antioxidant content helped protect cells from damage.

  • Gives You More Energy!

Due to the lack of harmful chemicals, artificial flavours and processed additives, your organic based meals will provide you with more energy especially since you will no longer have unhealthy fats in your digestive system which were contributing to slowing you down. Furthermore, giving you more energy, healthier skin and a much brighter mood.

  • Stronger Immune System!

Organic foods are a lot higher and richer in quality as well as in vitamins and mineral contents, which according to studies have helped to increase the strength in immune systems. This allows you to fight off more diseases a lot quicker potentially including diseases such as Covid-19.

  • The Knowledge That You’re Not Consuming Genetically Modified Foods!

Morally, there’s nothing wrong with eating genetically modified food but wouldn’t you like to know that you’re not putting harmful chemicals in your body.

  • It Tastes Better!

Organic food is always fresh therefore it’s always going to taste better than modified food as well, in my opinion that should be a big enough reason to switch over to organically produced food!


Those are just a few of the many reasons why switching to  organic based foods could be a valuable decision and why it’s way more than just a trend on social media. Now that you’ve finished this article please feel free to visit our shop page and try out some of our tasty samosas which have been made using organic ingredients. Yum!

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