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Health and Wellbeing month continues at Green Sisters! This week is BNF Healthy Eating Week, Nutrition and Hydration Week, and Diabetes Week. The Great Get-Together (18th – 20th June) will also be this weekend.

Nutrition and Hydration Week (14th – 18th June) is an annual event that seeks to champion nutrition and hydration all over the globe. They aim to promote the sharing of good nutrition and hydration practices, and as well as continued education, professional development, and improvements in ‘all settings’.

Green Sisters contributes to the increase of nutrition and hydration accessibility by providing a range of Vegan, Free From dishes that are healthier than their alternatives. This is part of what motivated us to become an online business in 2020. We’re a shortlisted ‘Online Business’ at the Farm Shop & Deli Show! Find our events profile here.

Diabetes UK dropped a new film for Diabetes Week (14th – 20th June). They recorded the stories of 15 different diabetic people, and are calling for the public to share their stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, under the hashtag #DiabetesStories. Their online shop has several free resources to help you get involved!

More than 4.9 million people in the UK have diabetes, with around 90% having Type 2. Diabetes UK campaigns to get advice and support to diabetics across the country, and their research aims to find treatments and, one day, a cure.

Around 850,000 people are predicted to have diabetes, but be undiagnosed (source: Diabetes.org). Early detection and treatment can decrease the risk of developing health complications. This is why today, Green Sisters is pledging to raise awareness of the seven main symptoms of diabetes (type 1 and 2), as part of our contribution to Diabetes Week:

  1. Weeing more often, especially at night.
  2. Cuts and wounds taking a longer time to heal.
  3. Feeling tired often.
  4. Blurred eyesight.
  5. Genital itching and/or thrush.
  6. Being really thirsty.
  7. Losing weight without trying to.

Although these symptoms can affect anyone regardless of age, no individual is the same. Diabetes UK have an explainer video if you’d like to find out more about common symptoms and causes of diabetes.

The British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week (14th – 18th June) is themed ‘find your healthier you’ this year. BNF seeks to empower all participants to know the facts around healthy eating, make and plan for healthier choices, and promote the importance of staying active. Their site has a resource list of live events, videos, presentations, activity packs, and even a participation certificate!

Green Sisters champions healthy eating by providing delicious food that is vegan and free from the UK’s major 14 allergens. Our award-winning dishes give you – especially those with allergies or dietary requirements – the power to #SayNoToCompromise. Why not check out our store? You may find your healthier you there…

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