Safe Food, Healthy Tomorrow | World Food Safety Day 2021

From Nutrition and Hydration Week to The Great Get Together, June appears to be the month of Health and Wellbeing. And today is no different!

Every year on June 7th, it is #WorldFoodSafetyDay – a time for awareness and action around foodborne risks and sustainable development. Food-related risks can include hygiene, vulnerabilities in food production systems, and even dietary requirements and allergies.

This year’s theme is ‘safe food today for a healthy tomorrow’. On June 6th, the United Nations tweeted that unsafe food ‘kills an estimated 420,000 people every year.’ – sadly, this statistic includes the result of fatal allergic reactions. With over 44% of the UK population affected by at least one allergy, and Europe at large predicted to have a 50% prevalence rate by 2025 (source: Allergy UK), we all share a responsibility to ensure the food we consume is safe and healthy.

This is why we took so much pride in winning bronze for packaging at the #FreeFromFoodAwards last month! Our ‘Spicy’Licious Samosa‘ AND ‘Samosa & Bhaji Chaat’ packaging caught the judges’ eyes for their passionate display of the 14 most common allergens in the UK. Food safety is everyone’s business, and it shouldn’t be difficult to find safe, allergen-free food that tastes great. We offer a huge thanks to the Free From Food Awards for empowering businesses like ours to reach those who need us.

The push for better labelling on packaging has been amplified by The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation (NARF), who’ve championed millions of allergy sufferers through allergy safety campaigns. NARF have also inspired #NatashasLaw, which will require food businesses to display allergen information on their products from October 2021.

But world food safety encompasses a lot of things, and packaging is only one of them. This is why we all have a part to play. And when we come together and champion safe food today, we create a better, healthier tomorrow.

Let’s work together, inspiring action and awareness around health, food security, market access, and so much more. This is how we #SayNoToCompromise.

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