Gluten free Plant Based Vegan Samosas for Combination Dietary Needs

Vegan Gluten free Vegetable samosa

Keeping the spirit of sharing alive can be a challenge, especially when accommodating a range of diets, but it doesn’t have to be!

In this Vlog, Green Sisters customer Maddie, talks about the freedom created by Green Sisters brand & food products.In producing a core range of ‘free-from’ 14 allergen authentic products, which are truly premium in flavour and #freefromcompromise 

Green Sisters Vegan Gluten Free Allergen Free Samosa Selection
Green Sisters Award Winning Vegan Gluten Free Allergen Free Samosa Selection
Green Sisters aims to break down barriers created by foods and bring the sharing culture back to the table.

With award winning glutenfree and vegan gluten free samosas which are rich in plant based proteins, to the bhajis which are combined with wholesome plant-based ingredients, such as courgette and onion, carrot and onions and butternut squash. You are sure to be delighted and spoilt for choice!


Products are suitable for vegan, gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and the 14 allergens that the food standards agency regulate.


Products available to order through our online shop or by emailing


  • To be shared or devoured individually with the whole family & friends
  • Protein Packed with delicious goodness
  • Vegan and plant based samosas and bhajis available in a variety of flavours
  • Delivered direct to your door.

With these FREE FROM Compromise samosa’s, you can be sure to include all of your friends and family on every sharing occasion!


  • All of that crunch and delicious flavour when baked or fried, ready for you to share & enjoy.
  • Simply bake or fry from Frozen
  • Enjoy that #delightful #flavour and #crispy #crunch !!

Courtesy of the #awardwinning #greensisters #samosas #freefromcompromise #de’ Licious !!


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Thinking of stocking these unique Free From 14 allergen products?

Green Sisters unique product range offers award-winning food products, Free From 14 major allergens regulated by the Food Standards Agency. This allows for choice, nutrition and peace of mind to individuals following vegan and combination diets. ALL products are hand-made, vegan, gluten-free and dairy free, produced deliciously Free From Compromise! If you would like to join us in achieving our mission to make sharing delicious food accessible to everyone, everywhere Contact Us

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Want to know more about Green Sisters?

Green Sisters manufacture a wide range of products, both plant-based and free-from up to 14 allergens. The delicious range include multiple award winning samosas varieties, in sweet (chocolate) and savoury flavours, bhajis, curry’s (dahls), chutneys and snacks, suited to majority of diets. We have recently added a range of Gluten Free Indian Food Boxes for delivery, UK Mainland, nationwide. Our frozen samosas, frozen bhajis and frozen dahls are delivered across the UK, daily.

For more information about the products, supply or anything in between, contact our team today and we’ll be happy to assist.

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