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Y O U R 1 S T M O N D A Y O F T H E M O N T H M I N I – M A G B Y G R E E N S I S T E R S
– F R E E F R O M C O M P R O M I S E A U T H E N T I C F O O D
W W W . G R E E N S I S T E R S . C O . U K

World Chocolate Day 7 July 2018


I S S U E 0 6 & 0 7 • S U M M E R 2 0 1 8 • F R E E F R O M C O M P R O M I S E

Hello Summer!
Green Sisters welcomes all you lovely readers to our sixth and seventh edition!

We’ve had a great time meeting so many of you at our recent shows including the Old Spitalfields Free From Festival and the Birmingham Foodies Festival last weekend! But, don’t worry if you missed us, we’ll be travelling up and down the country for more food festivals in the weeks to come.

Our next show is the Allergy and Free From Show from 6 – 8 July at Olympia London so come say hi to us at stand A704!

We’ll be back at the Foodies Festival on the weekend of the 13-15 July in Tatton Park, Ashley Road, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6SG.

To end our shows in July, we’ll be at the Gluten Free Street Food Festival from the 21 – 22 July in Camden Lock Place in Camden Market from 11am – 7pm!


With so much going on this summer, from Healthy Eating
Week to National Picnic Week in June to World Chocolate
Day and Wimbledon Fortnight in July, it’s going to be a busy
couple of months!
In this edition, in honour of World Chocolate Day, we explore
the benefits of keeping chocolate in your diet and why you
don’t need to avoid it in order to lead a healthy lifestyle!
Later on in this edition, our guest blogger Alice gives us her
top tips for newly diagnosed coeliacs to help cope with
adapting to a new lifestyle!
Happy Reading!
Green Sisters

National Picnic Week
15th – 24th June

At Green Sisters, we’re all about enjoying good inclusive food,
together, around the same table and what better way is there to do
this than to pack your hampers, roll out your blankets and soak up
some summer sunshine!
With the amazing weather we had during June, we’d love to see
what you got up to in the sun and we’d love for you to share your
picnic recipes and pictures with us!
The best recipes and pictures may even get a share on our social
media so that everyone can enjoy them!

It’s the news that we’ve all been longing to hear! Not all chocolate is bad
for you! We’re talking about dark chocolate of course, but what exactly is
dark chocolate? Dark chocolate contains 70% or more of cocoa, whereas
other varieties of chocolate contain far less cocoa and much more
sugar/sweetners. But it’s important to remember to eat everything in
moderation! As it’s World Chocolate Day on the 7 July 2018, we thought
we’d let you know about some of the benefits of dark chocolate!

1. Improves cognitive function

Research has shown that the consumption of foods that are rich
in flavonoids (a large nutrient family) are related to a stronger
cognitive performance among various cognitive abilities!

2. Positive effect on heart health

This one is slightly related to the first benefit! The main type of
flavanoid that’s found in dark chocolate is flavanol, which not only
lowers blood pressure but also improves blood flow to the heart
(and brain), therefore improving heart health

3. Contains antioxidants

In a study that compared the antioxidant level in cocoa/dark
chocolate to other superfoods such as cranberry, acai and
blueberries, found that dark chocolate contained a higher
antioxidant level!

If you fancy a chocolate dessert, why not give one of our vegan gluten-free
chocolate samosas a try? You can order online at

Guest Blog

INSTAGRAM: @glutenfreealice

Top tips for newly
diagnosed coeliacs

I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease around 9 years ago, after months
and months of feeling unwell and not being able to leave the house
but not knowing why and have been eating entirely gluten free ever
since. Back then you’d be lucky to find a loaf of gluten free bread in the
supermarkets, it’s amazing how far the Free From world has come! A
few years ago I also found out I was intolerant to milk and although it’s
been tricky, I feel like I’ve definitely picked up some tips along the way
of coping with having to cut so much out of my diet. I thought I’d put
together some of my top tips for coping with having Coeliac disease or
any other food intolerances to try and help anyone that’s been recently
diagnosed, or is struggling.

1. Make sure you’re not alone! Being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease can be overwhelming
and It is important that you get the help you need during the transition. Whether it be
joining a Coeliac Facebook group, following a gluten free blogger on Instagram, taking a
trip to the Allergy and Free From show and speaking to all of the Coeliac friendly brands,
or getting tips from a friend or family member that has gone through something similar. It
is important that you don’t feel like you have no one to talk to or ask questions to, after all
it can be a tricky time. I was fairly lucky when I was diagnosed, as a few of my family
members are also Coeliac and I’d been brought up around gluten free food so had people
to talk to, but I understand that for someone that’s never heard of it before, it can be

2. Although the Free From aisle can be your best friend, it can also burn a hole through
your pocket! Sometimes not everything in the Free From aisle is necessary, and you can get
the exact same product for a third of the price in the normal aisles. Don’t pay the steep
prices when the normal version doesn’t contain gluten either, for example pasta sauces.

3. It’s vital that everyone you live with knows the
importance of making sure that no cross
contamination takes place in your home, as just 1
crumb can affect someone with Coeliac Disease.
This could be through leaving crumbs on the
surfaces or not washing up properly, it’s essential to
have a clean and tidy kitchen so that you feel
comfortable eating in your own home.
4. Gluten free bread in a toaster that has previously
contained normal bread is not gluten free! In our
house we have a separate toaster for gluten free
bread to prevent cross contamination but you
could also buy some toaster bags or use the grill

5. Make a weekly meal plan. One of the
best things I’ve started doing this year is
writing a weekly meal plan so that when I
go to the supermarkets I don’t pick up
everything and don’t spend a fortune.
Eating gluten free can be expensive at
times but you can make dinners with a lot
of naturally gluten free foods such as
potatoes, rice, meat and vegetables. Some
of my favourite naturally gluten and dairy
free meals to make at the moment are
chilli con carne, sweet potato, chickpea
and spinach curry or stir fry.

6. Don’t be afraid to eat out, but be
vigilant! I love eating out and don’t like
to let Coeliac disease get in the way of
something I love, however it’s so
important to be vigilant. A lot of
restaurants claim to serve gluten free
food but when questioned, confirm that
it’s not suitable for Coeliacs because its
cooked on the same surface as gluten
containing ingredients. Don’t be afraid
to ask and double check with staff
about cross contamination measures,
it’s always better to be safe.




Quote of the Summer!

“People who
love to eat
are always
the best
Julia Child