Samosa’a are for Sharing!! Don’t Miss Out This Week!!

Light up your Diwali with Green Sisters Free From Samosas!!

We believe you should be able to indulge together, so to make it easier for all to enjoy together, we’re offering an amazing Free From discount!!

For all of you who are tempted – would you like some delivered to your door??

We’ve made it simple – place any orders by emailing with your order. Orders placed by 23rd October 2017 will receive a fantastic 10% off!!

With so many options to choose from, Vegan, Gluten Free without compromising flavour, you can start your Diwali off with a smile. Choose from our range of flavours.

We CURRENTLY have the following flavours to choose from:

  • Samosa’Licious – Original (Mild Potato & Pea)
  • Spicy’Licious – Hot (Chilli Potato & Pea)
  • Veggie’Licious – Vegetable (Medium Spiced, Mixed Vegetable & Potato)
  • Extra Spicy’Licious – Extra Hot (Scotch bonnet & finger chilli Pea & Potato)
  • Spring leek & sweetcorn 
  • Appl’Licious – Baked Apple & Cinnamon
  • Protein’Licious – Spiced Soya & Pea (Allergen information -Contains Soya)
  • Choco’Licious – Vegan Chocolate Samosa (Allergen information – Contains Nuts)

Avoiding onions, garlic and mushrooms?  We are able to provide the  Veggie’Licious – Vegetable (Medium Spiced, Mixed Vegetable & Potato) & Spicy’Licious – Hot (Chilli Potato & Pea) without these ingredients

Samosas are available in bundles of 3 (for £6) or 5 (for £10)

Try our NEW Party pack (including 2x Vegetable Samosas, 2x Pakoras, 2x Aloo Tikkis) for ONLY £5!!

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If you are inspired to try some of our delightful gluten-free hand-made samosas, please be in touch with us to make enquiries and place orders.


Phone: 07871796354

We believe in bringing our free from compromise samosa range to your doorstep. Whether you’re buying for family and friends to share and socialise with, or simply relishing these delightful bites yourself, we are happy to fulfil your requests. After all, sharing is part of the tradition!

Whether its Leek & Mushroom, Spicy’Licious or Samosa’Licious you won’t be disappointed by missing out!

Happy Diwali to all!!


Green Sisters