Viva Gluten free goes Viva Vegan!!

Inspired by the mission of not having to worry about what you can devour when eating together, irrespective of your diet, we took to the Birmingham Viva Vegan festival this weekend to spread the word that food and inclusion matters- and guess what??!! The Green Sisters menu catered to the many!!

We spread the word, that you needn’t compromise on flavour with this gluten free variety of flavoursome Samosa’s and Super Pakoras, with names inspired by the ingredients. The best thing being that the entire range is both suitable for Coeliacs and Vegans.

An amazing turnout and hugely welcoming event, which put the authentic gluten free range on the map for the Birmingham Viva Vegan followers…

It was great to meet you all and help get the word out that food can be inclusive for both Vegans and Gluten free audiences!

Can’t wait to see you at next years event where you will be spoilt for choice with new innovative options!!

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend!

Happy Easter from the Green Sisters!