Tuning in to Turmeric – get your fork into this recipe card!

Following on from a hugely successful demo kitchen at this year Allergy Show ‘Love Natural, Love You’ Kitchen workshop, we wanted to make sure that those of you who were not able to make it did not miss out on our recipes, culinary hints and tips.

Thank you to everyone who did make it to our kitchen demo. You truly were a great audience – we could not have hoped for better! We really enjoyed your participation, eagerness and comments…you can come again!

We also launched our ‘How Do You Brew Yours?’ campaign, as we love a good cuppa and we are fans of introducing spice to every aspect of your life (yes, even your tea-cup!).

We welcome you to let us know your favourite brews (simply post a comment or add our #greensisters3free hashtag) – mine is ginger, cinnamon and turmeric!

So here you have it – the recipe card and some highlights from the show. 

Sweet Potato Curry – with plenty of turmeric & home brewed ginger and turmeric chai tea with friends

Love Natural, Love You! -Tuning in to Turmeric

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