Love Natural, Love You! -Tuning in to Turmeric


What a fantastic lead up to the Allergy Show! In the months beforehand, Green Sisters had been recipe creating and perfecting (not to mention tasting of course!), all in aid of the ‘Love Natural, Love You’ concept. Green Sisters 3 Free took to the Kensington Olympia stage on 8th July 2016, to bring to the kitchen their culinary delights, during the demo session – ‘Tuning in to Tumeric’.

Cooking with a modern twist on well loved Indian Street food delicacies, made in Super foodie style, the Green Sisters celebrated this wonderful spice.


Despite the few technical hitches, we presented to a crowd of wonderfully engaged foodies. Demonstrating the ease of spicing up meals with this wonderful ingredient, and introducing turmeric benefits into diets, in order to unlock some of those well documented and all important health benefits, such as relief from indegestion and inflammation, with much more besides.

Like a whirlwind, the show has been and gone, but we have to say that we loved every minute of it! From sharing our much loved food creations, to talking up the health positives of the ingredients we enjoy cooking with. We are very grateful to our audience for all of your kind words and feedback.

After all has been and done, we are back to the daily recipe creations so that we can make sure you don’t miss out on the next best thing in future!

Don’t worry if you missed out, we have more events coming shortly. We do hope to see you at our next one, where you may also benefit from trying out  our recipe specials😜!!

We will be following up from this session by uploading a free recipe card on site, with some inspiration on how you can ‘Tune in to Turmeric’ in the comfort of your own homes!

Keep a look out folks ❤️😊…


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  1. I’m glad to say that I managed to catch this seminar, thanks for the cooking inspiration!

    1. Thanks Tabitha, we are really pleased you enjoyed the session. Let us know how you get on in your kitchen 🙂