Is Raw Flawless?

‘Why would you choose to eat anything completely raw?’, you may be wondering, and ‘Why has eating raw food become so popular?’

With so many individuals trying this out for the very first time, or even turning permanently to this diet, we wanted to explore the benefits further and give it a place in our foodie world. Here is what we have discovered:

1.Preserving the Natural Flavour & Goodness

So many of the fruit and vegetables we enjoy today have such wholly inviting natural flavour and goodness, and when we cook them we alter the source and in turn we also change the flavours and combined nutrients.

2. Natures Nourishment

It seems that there is quite some cynicism around the world of processed foods and the diminishing nourishment available to us, which may be a result of the processing of such foods.

It is considered that the availability of some of the key and readily available nutrients in raw produce, become depleted or difficult for the body to absorb once processing has taken place. Nutrients which help with the process of absorption of other important vitamins and minerals from our foods are also thought to be stripped from the processed produce, as a result of processing food.

The elimination of processing has been known to allow proteins and nutrients to become more readily available for the body to uptake, and in turn it is considered that we become better nourished.

If you have visited our page on diets, you will find that the low sugar diet which talks about unrefined sugar produce, which allows the body to better digest and deliver nutrients in the sugars to the body. Honey is a great example of this.

3. Naturally Full of Flavour

Personally, including the benefits of raw food with untouched nutritional value, I must say, the incredible flavour you can enjoy from raw produce is not to be taken lightly. Some of our best-loved recipes can be adapted to be made in raw form.

One of our personal favourites is cheesecake. This is one we will be sharing with you soon, but for now you’ll have to take our word for it!

It’s not just sweet options which are best served raw. Other recipes are just as flavoursome and zap hunger just as well. An example being the well seasoned courgetti, with a simple and fresh blended tomato sauce. bursting with flavour and totally raw – you’re guaranteed to be in awe!

4. Simplicity and Quickness

Don’t just take our word for it – try it out. The bet part about raw cooking is its simplicity and quickness. You absolutely have no excuse not to!

5. Why not?

It seems there is nothing to lose and much to be gained. Okay, so I know some like their food hot and so perhaps this not your every day aspiration, but as far as we see it, the benefits are to be reaped and rewards are aplenty from a health perspective.

Give it a go and we will help you along the way with a recipe card coming shortly for our followers to enjoy!

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Disclaimer. These views are our own and we have based this blog on our own perspective and research. This does not represent the whole marketplace and we have no intention of negative reflections on any other party.