A Sunday Start, Rich in Omega 3

Saturdays tend to be a treat day, which leads Sunday to set the scene for the week ahead. It’s doesn’t need to be a compromise, I’m confident you’ll agree, if you set it off in the right way, with this wonderful brekkie, omega rich and fortified with fibre…

Whether you’re planning a nice long walk, or having a lazy day on the sofa, when you start it with the right ingredients to fill your tummy, it can be so rewarding…


125g Gluten-free oats  (Great source of dietary fibre)

Handful of walnuts (Loaded with Omega 3, essential fatty acids which helps support heart health, rich in anti-oxidants)

Handful of sunflower seeds (great alternative sources of Vitamin E – great for your skin, vitamin B, folate, and it also is reported to have great anti-oxidant properties)

Handful chopped dried apricots (excellent source of dietary fibre)

Maple syrup drizzled 

Agave syrup drizzled

Handful of Chia Seeds

1tbsp Coconut oil 

  1. Melt the coconut oil on a low heat and add the oats to the pan, turning up to a medium heat, mixing thoroughly and toasting the oats for a few minutes
  2. Mix through the dried fruits and sunflower seeds, leave on the heat for a further minute
  3. Drizzle an amount of agave syrup and maple syrup, no more than 20ml combined and give the contents a mix.
  4. When combined add the walnuts. Again, combine ingredients and then pour out onto a sheet of baking parchment on  tray and place the tray in a preheated oven at 160 degrees for 5 minutes
  5. Finally, remove from oven, sprinkle a handful of chia seeds, and allow to cool
  6. Serve a portion with your favourite hot plant based milk and save the rest in an air tight container, for other days throughout the week.

Top Tip – If we are feeling hungry after work, or want a sweet something, we serve this up nicely with some fresh banana, or you can choose whichever fruits you prefer. Saves us from eating the wrong things when we’re being indulgent. 


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  1. Anna Daftari says:

    Love the crunch of it 😎

    1. Thanks Anna, glad you like it as much as we do. Such a perfect way to stock up on brekkie fixes for later in the week too!