Can’t wait to stop for a Chai Tea??

At the best of times we are busy and its all too often we forget to, or find it difficult to stop for a hot drink. As a social preference, and also a potentially cheeky treat, us Green Sisters spend time enjoying a great cup of tea. Out and about it’s known as a chai tea, but at home it is brewed in true cultural style, with finesse and brewed to perfection.

Ultimately the home-brew has real added benefits, all encouraged by the varieties of ingredients, which are blended together whilst brewing. Not just one flavour, but many options are available. We have some preferences, but I have to say, I just love to have my regular stop off in cafe’s, where we enjoy a fantastic treat with no effort.

There are benefits all round, but we find the healthiest way to go is to look at the added benefits, by understanding the ingredients and choosing those flavours you enjoy most.

Options can include anything from cinnamon to ginger and turmeric. Click the link for our home-brew on a recipe card, for you to savour to your heart’s content in the comfort of your favourite place….

Ooooo…. just lovely!


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