Dining Out with Dietary Restrictions

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A meal out with friends at a gluten-free friendly venue! If only this was the norm rather than a luxury!

Sometimes it’s easier to eat at home, rather than finding a venue which caters to dietary needs.

Filling that gap in your tummy can just be such a challenge some days. With regular discovery of items you can’t eat as they contain ingredients you’re either allergic to or don’t eat due to dietary choices.

It was such a wonderful occasion, when recently eating out with friends. On this rare occasion, the menu allowed a few options to choose from.  If I’m honest, as choice can be an unlikely thing, I was almost unable to decide!

Nevertheless, what was served was a tasty and wholesome vegetarian burger with a side of sweet potatoes.

There was everything to be pleased about. It left me thinking, this should be the norm…. Almost spoilt for choice with almost with three options, this is definitely the way forward, wouldn’t you agree?!?!

Bring on catering to dietary needs!