Spicing it Up & Keeping Your Cool

Rumour has it that during these hot summer days it is a hot beverage that can help you to keep your cool. So today we have chosen a fragrant spiced tea to wake us up this morning and get us ready for the day ahead.

Hot drinks are a great way to help cool you down during these Summer months and our personal favourite is a nice cup of tea – but you can choose to spice up any hot drink from tea to hot chocolate.

Today’s feature is an Asian infused tea – here at Green Sisters we prefer to infuse our morning tea with the likes of Asian spices which add a burst of flavour to our morning and wake us right up! Not only does this add a twist to your morning cuppa but these spices can also have potential health benefits.

So try it yourself, add a few spices to your next cuppa and let us know which combinations work best for you!