I am Coeliac, it’s not a FAD…

Whilst  it’s great that so many individuals are embracing nutritiously wholesome lifestyles and enjoying individual routines to emanate beauty on the outside as well as within, it’s not so good that some of the elements which are reduced or cut-out are considered to be as a result of a fashionable choice. In particular, some consider gluten-free diets a passing phase rather than a way of life.

I feel it is important a recognise and note that the gluten-free diet is here to stay for many of us who are diagnosed Coeliacs (quoted 1in 100 people diagnosed in the UK, Coeliac UK). Therefore I summise that Gluten-free is here for good.

Following a gluten-free lifestyle is not an option for fellow Coeliacs, it’s a way of life. Whilst it’s Sunday and I’d rather not preach, I would like to put my thoughts out there…

I enjoy my life and living gluten-free, which for me was not a choice, rather a necessity. Having said that, initially adjusting was a little uncomfortable, as with most conditions, but I soon found my way, as you do.

Being Coeliac certainly has helped me appreciate so many things in life. Particularly, what I am able to eat and where it is available. I am most certainly a more conscious diner, even if only eating at my own table. One of my favorite things to do is to eat around the same table with my loved ones and sharing food.

I’m over the moon about the variety of foods which are now popping up on shelves around the country, mainly in the free-from aisles. Also the positive vibes and endorsement for gluten-free options. I only hope that we all take a second to note that for most of us, this is a way, a lifestyle, and an important consideration for us Coeliacs on a daily basis.

I suppose that this post is affirming that many of us will be living this lifestyle, without the hype regarding gluten-free, despite it being tarnished on some occasions as simply a FAD.

More recently, the gluten-free way has been a topic of conversation for critics, worried it’s being taken up by individuals whom need not follow it, which in general lots of individuals simply enjoy eating gluten-free produce. If you’re not cutting out gluten completely and you don’t have an intolerance to gluten, then I imagine it would be worthwhile to stick to eating both on occasion (gluten and gluten-free). Surely that would omit the potential risks of becoming sensitive to gluten? Ultimately, it comes down to personal choice, I would suppose.

One thing I know for sure is that us gluten-free bodies are here and as far as Coeliacs go, we are here to stay!

Embracing our lifestyles the gluten-free way.

Signing out this Sunday.., have a good day folks!

Green Sister