Apple and Elderflower Afternoon Tea with a Dose of Vitamin D!

As the sun bursts with beaming rays, I decided it would be sinful to stay indoors.


At the best of times, it’s difficult to boost our immune systems naturally through natural production of vitamin D from good quality time in the sun. So any excuse to spend a 20 minutes to half hour midday, before applying protection, is a worthwhile spending of time in my book.

Youve possibly gathered that today is a really important detox day, from the image of my tea. I can’t be happier to be welcoming summer in and well, us Green Sisters are out and about really making the most of it. It’s well known that our bodies are wonderful and can synthesise most things. In the UK we don’t see so much sunshine, but give that approximately 75% of the vitamin D our bodies make come from the exposure through the Suns rays, I would say enjoy it whilst it lasts.

I had better drink my tea before it goes cold. What a wonderful combination of flavours from Twinknfs, Apple & Elderflower-perfect!