The Long Un-refined Weekend…

We all hear the words ‘refined sugar’ being mentioned considerably nowadays, and with the lifestyles of many of us under consideration, this long weekend we wanted to look at what ‘refined’ sugar actually is and should we really consider doing away with it?

So what is refined sugar?

‘Refined sugar’ is sugar which is depleted of its natural vitamins and minerals through the process of purification, leaving behind refined carbs. The body is unable to unable to use these carbohydrates and starch, without the proteins, vitamins and minerals it has depleted through the process of purifying. Ultimately the function of the body and its metabolism is affected and demands of the body for sugar digestion competes with the digestion of vitamins and minerals, therefore leaching the body of its precious vitamins and minerals.

Empty or naked calories refer to sugar which lacks the natural minerals found in sugar beet or cane.

In everyday diets how should we consider refined sugars?

Well, lots of us are considering a more balanced way, whether it be to the food we consume or the drinks we indulge in, especially during long sunny weekends.

The simple suggestion we could recommend is to think about alternatives to refined sugars and replace them with natural alternatives, which have not gone through the process of purification. The  will allow our bodies to not only enjoy the sweetness of a strawberry, but it will also allow the goodness of the minerals and vitamins to flow and be digested more easily in the body.

As far as your bank holiday weekend stretched, you could consider some fabulous fresh fruit cocktails, with sparkling water. Ultimately reducing the content of sugar and quenching your thirst in style.

I guess there is nothing more to add other than to say have a great bank holiday!!