Got That Friday Feeling?! Make it Simple

Friday for us is all about keeping it simple and easy after a potentially busy week, there is nothing like an easy sharing plate to keep you going, either to enjoy during good night in with the ladies around the table (it goes down well with the boys too – so don’t worry), or even as a nibble before you are getting ready to pop out….

All you need is an oven/grill, some appropriate nibbles to dip in. Our favourite being either home baked crusty loaf to dip in (gluten-free of course) or my twist are some thick cut potatoes, lightly oiled and then baked in the oven.

Remove the packaging and place in an oven safe dish. Score your cheese (Camembert) into squares, and at each point insert a sprig of Rosemary. Pop the cheese into the oven for 6-8 minutes at 160 degrees, until the cheese has melted through. In a grill, keep the temperature low and then place the cheese under for about 5-8 minutes, careful not to over cook during both methods as the cheese will not be tasty overcooked.

Dip this in to the warm melted cheese with your preferred oven roasted chips or crusty bread and your on your way to a fabulous evening. A great accompaniment for this is red onion chutney, either purchased from the shops or feel free to make your own at home. It simple and can be found in my recipes.

Enjoy and have a great, minimal time in the kitchen Friday night!

The Sisters