The Strapped for Time 5 a-day Nutritional Eat!

We decided to be kind to ourselves today and plan a simple and quick meal to keep us hunger free and allow us to enjoy my all important daily nutritional 5-a day, whilst keeping us full for the rest of the evening.

A very simple medley of some favourite veggies, stir-fried with Gluten-free Soy sauce, some reliable ginger and herbs for flavour, with no need for salt. All mixed in to one meal and cooked in a gluten-free eggless fashion. The garlic was aromatic and we enjoy some spices like cumin and masala. The main carbohydrate source came from the rice noodles and finally a side-salad to enjoy!

A great tip for you, if you have any left overs, you can always pack it in a lunch box for the following day!