Gluten-free & On The Go

One of my main challenges as a diagnosed Coeliac was keeping on top of the mobility factor. It often struck me that I was out and about and I could not find something suitable to eat. 

There are some excellent pointers and home-made delights we can share with you about ensuring the readiness of gluten-free food wherever you go.

After all, I had spent most of my working years on the road and for all this time I had been diagnosed with the gluten intolerance! In the early years, it was a real pain to manage and there has been so much unfamiliarity with the condition. Nowadays it’s improved, but I feel there are still some all important areas to consider to make sure you’re not left feeling hungry!

  1. Think ahead! – Don’t forget to plan our meals. If you know you’ll be out and about, don’t be unprepared. Get yourself a packed lunch or plan where you might be stopping for a bite to eat. After all, I love a good salad, but being able to eat a good sandwich can be more filling and last for hours longer.
  2. Snacking is the key! – Most Gluten-free bites are low GI (Glycemic Index), which means they release into the blood stream a lot quicker. We therefore find we may be hungry quicker around meals. Snacking is a great way to work around meals. Little and often is my rule of thumb.
  3. Day Savers! – I have a list of ‘good ol’ faithful’s’ in terms of places to dine. If all has failed, at least you can turn to one of these places, which promise something small to snack or eat until you manage a real meal. This should really be a last resort but we all have those kind of days, where the planning goes out of the window and for gluten-free dieters, this can be the worst dilemma.

Visit our recipe pages, to give you some ideas of what to pre-prepare for the lunch-box which you can take out and about with you, so you’ll never go hungry again!