Coeliac Awareness Week- Nutritious Fruit Smoothie to Start the Day

As Tuesday dawns, we start the new day with a fruity zing in our step.

This nutritious, flavoursome smooth was bound to start the day well!

We aimed for a splash of colour, as the Monday sun had truly said goodbye, making way for the Tuesday rain…

It’s never a bad thing to begin the day well, and what better way can there be than to make a start on your bodies daily nutritional needs? By consuming a few of the 5 recommended portions of fruit and veg a day for breakfast?

After all, as a nation we can always fit more in, as currently only 15% adults meet the 5 a day target recommended by the government. We were determined not to fit into this number and as a Gluten free body, I certainly aim to eat well and proportionately daily.

All fruit and veg offer different nutrients, so it’s a great idea to alternate a few each day. Ensuring that we mix it up gives our body a chance to absorb different vitamin and minerals from our foods, so our bodies can function optimally.

It doesn’t have to be boring though! For your smoothies you can drop in a couple of vegetables and/or some nuts and liquids, for example milk.

We decided on a natural sugar boost this morning so a varied rainbow of fruit flavours saw us through nicely.

Throughout the day we usually plan in a couple of snacks, like homes and carrots/ cucumber and sandwiches with vegetable toppings (gluten free of course :)!).

Let me quickly explain a portion, as it confuses most, including myself.

A dietician once explained it as a clenched fistful of the fruit or veg. So if you try this and measure out your portions to this size, you should be on you way to success.

Some examples of a portion are below:

  • A couple of plums/ apricots
  • A banana
  • An apple
  • Glass of orange juice
  • 1 heaped tablespoon of dried fruits
  • A clenched fist portion of cooked vegetables/ beans/pulses

As we all know, when following a diet, we need to consider the food for the day in advance. So for today it will be a selection of gluten free sandwiches and perhaps some pulses cooked in a dahl for later today.

Don’t worry, recipes to follow shortly….

I hope you enjoy your day!

Gluten free Sister G