Coeliac Awareness Week Begins 9th May 2016 with a Filling Delicious Belgian Breakfast!


Delicious Gluten free breakfast pan oat cakes with melted Belgian chocolate - coeliac awareness week 2016
Coeliac Awareness week 2016 starts with gluten free pan oatcakes with melted Belgian chocolate – an indulgent hot breakfast treat to start the week

Well, they say the most important start to the day is breakfast, and as I woke up this Monday morning, bidding good-bye to the sun-kissed weekend relaxing time, I was reminded of the all important week ahead, marked to start today!! That’s right, it the first day of Coeliac Awareness week 2016!

Many individuals aren’t really that familiar with the restrictions that a Coeliac may consider in their diet daily, but if you do happen to follow a gluten-free trend/friend or are a diagnosed coeliac, you will have a fair idea of the daily thoughts and pre-preparations we often face.
As I bounced out of bed, perky and bright, I could tell this week was one to make a difference with. We have come a long way in terms of the food that is available and also the general understanding people have. This week celebrates the knowledge and importance of the diet, not just a FAD, a way of life and balanced considered eating.

Coeliacs have an allergy to a protein called gluten which is found in products containing wheat, barley, oats and rye. This week I will blog about more information you may find useful as a coeliac or someone whom simply would like to know more or follow gluten-free recipes. It’s not just about the diet, it’s also about lifestyle too.

So, determined as I was, to start it in the right way and to celebrate the first day, I decided to incorporate and enjoy my favourite sweet treat in the morning, Belgian chocolate (Any excuse will do!)

That’s right – breakfast pan oatcakes it was, loaded with melted chocolate of the Belgian variety!

Oats provide an essential slow releasing daily energy boost for the body, which can be essential to a coeliac, since most of our foods a high GI (Glycemic Index), so release pretty fast in the body and may mean that we become hungry quicker. The oats will release their energy more slowly, so we remain full for longer. Of course the gluten-free flour is another carbohydrate, which depending on the type of flour may release quicker into your body. Then the treat the melted Belgian chocolate. Instantly satisfying with lots of energy and depending on the type of chocolate, also provides a boost of Iron, which is also important for the coeliac diet. See our recipe below.

For a healthy addition, I like to add some berries or banana or other chopped fruit. If you’re happy with the pan-oatcakes and melted Belgian chocolate, why not?! after all, we can!

I look forward to updating you with more information and great meal time ideas throughout the week. After all, every meal is considered!!

Gluten free Sister G x

A little note from us: Gluten free, Vegetarian, Egg free, Nut free, 

Vegan, Lactose free (optional if substitute  chocolate for lactose free/ vegan alternative).

Recipe for 6 Belgian Pan Oatcakes
(serves 2)

50g gluten free oats
50g gluten free flour
1x egg/ egg replacer (found in health stores)
1 tbsp Vanilla extract
100g Melted Belgian Chocolate (your choice of brand – I prefer 70% dark chocolate)
50ml Milk (can use soy milk if vegan)
Rapeseed oil 2 tbsp

Sieve 50g gluten free flour and oil to a bowl. Whisk up the eggs/egg-replacer and add to the mix with milk. Add vanilla extract and whisk batter further for a few seconds. Mix in the oats.

Melt 100g Belgian chocolate in a bowl, over a saucepan of boiling water (take care not to burn yourself).
Heat the non-stick frying pan to a medium heat (careful it’s not too hot) and then add a ladle full of mixture to the pan, to create a flat circular shape, about 5 inch in diameter. After 30 seconds, to a minute you may be able to turn over the pan oatcake using a metal spatula. Turn over the pan oatcake to cook the other side for a further minute. Once cooked, repeat for the next pan oatcakes.

Serve on a plate with drizzled Belgian chocolate and optionally some fruit. Enjoy to your hearts content!

Coeliac Awareness Week – 9th to 15th May 2016