Vegetarian Gluten Free Breakfast Hash

An absolute any-time breakfast treat for mornings when you fancy indulging but won’t compromise on fresh flavours with a twist on nutrition. This recipe is certain to entice you (we like to save our’s for the weekend).

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Designed with love, oozing with flavour and great for dining with friends, the morning after the night before or simply just for you to enjoy whole heartedly alone! Why not??

A little note from us: Gluten free, Vegetarian, Egg free, Nut free. Optional Vegan/ Lactose free (if substitute  cheese for lactose free/ vegan alternative).

Recipe (serves 4)
Preparation time 5 minutes
cooking time 10-15 minutes

3 small Bell Peppers
1 large onion
Green chilli (optional)
Mushrooms 200g
Grated Cheese (can use vegan/lactose free cheese alternatives)
8 Hash Browns (I use pre-packed hash browns and oven cook them until golden brown, ready to add to the dish)
Salt and pepper to taste
vegetable oil 2 tbsp

This dish can be served as a stand alone breakfast, although for extra protein gluten free sausages can be added as an accompaniment, and some toast or bread can compliment breakfast times. Relish!